atom86 data center

During my period at atom86 and Schuberg Philis I have shared a lot of information about the data center and the 1st of October 2018 I started working for Royal HaskoningDHV.

I look back to a great period and this is the reason why I won’t take this webpage of the data center offline. It won’t be updated anymore and in the future this page will be removed. For actual information of the data center feel free and take a look at atom86.

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at atom86 and Schuberg Philis we like to show and talk about the technology we use in our data center. Our data center is providing 100% availability since it was powered on almost 17 years ago. During the last years we successfully completed two projects making the high availability more sustainable.

In our data center we make use of several different technologies and the companies below helped us with the 100 % availability and efficiency:

Alliander, Hitec Power Protection, Santon, Koninklijke Kemper en Van Twist, HBK2000, Geocomfort, Installect, Insted, DEF Fire, TBM Koot, Lennox,  DVT Advies, Aqua Innovation Network, Installatiebedrijf Groenendijk, UET, Bavak Beveiligings Groep, Kelvion, T-Portal, Uptime Institute, Vijfhart

The electricity we use in our data center is 100 % green and provided by Eneco.

The technical specifications of our data center can be downloaded here

Info-graphics of these projects can be downloaded

Recently a photo shoot was made by Kas van Vliet and published at Vice / Motherbord:


atom86 not only providing data center services, it is also a connectivity and makes sure that businesses can rely on connectivity and co-location in mission critical infrastructures.

The atom86 team has extensive experience with designing, building and managing infrastructures where failure is not an option.

Using that knowledge base, the atom86 team has constructed a backbone with guaranteed maximum performance and connectivity, even if half of that backbone is not operational due to any circumstances.