Hi! I am Arjan Westerhoff and work in the data center industry for more than 18 years, starting at Abovenet in 2000 and since the start 2003 at Schuberg Philis & atom86 until October 2018.

In October 2018 I started working for Royal HaskoningDHV as a consultant at Mission Critical Facilities.

 Photographed by Kas van Vliet

The data center is a great industry. Lot’s of different technology’s combined in one building which are designed, build and operated for availability and the last years more focused on the efficiency and sustainability. I started this website to share about it.

At Schuberg Philis I was involved with a great project were we combined Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage – ATES with cooling towers. We are one of the first data centers making use of thermal energy storage in Holland.
The thermal storage is used to store free cooling energy obtained by cooling towers during the winter period to cool the data center in the summer.
With the new system we only create, transport and use no more cooling energy then needed.
If you want to know more about the project were 86% electrical energy for the cooling installation was saved, have a look at the case study

A large data center like Schuberg has, uses millions liters of cooling water every year and lots of chemical additives to prevent scale formation in the water cooling system. In search for a better solution, Schuberg Philis has been the first organization in the Netherlands to implement a new process. As a result, the discharge water has been reduced by more than 90% and the addition of external chemicals has completely stopped. If you want to know more about this project, have a look at this case study

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Involvement in the last years



  • IT Company saves 86 % energy with retrofit cooling installation ( Dutch )
    • Voor organisaties als banken en energiecentrales is het essentieel dat hun ICT altijd beschikbaar is. Daarom besteden ze dit uit aan experts als Schuberg Philis. Dit IT-bedrijf verduurzaamde onlangs de koelinstallatie van het eigen datacenter. Een grote uitdaging, want alles moest up and running blijven. Resultaat: een energiebesparing van 86 procent. Door Voxx in opdracht van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
  • Energy innovation in the Netherlands: Innovators talking 2014 ( Dutch )
    • In de publicatie ‘Innovators aan het woord’ staan 25 energie-innovatieprojecten centraal. Voor andere bedrijven en onderzoekers zijn deze projecten zeer leerzaam en inspirerend. Vaak is niet precies bekend hoe een innovatie in de markt is gezet na afloop van het project. Waarom is een technologie juist wel of juist niet verder ontwikkeld? Welke lessen leerden de betrokken innovators? En welke adviezen zouden zij collega-innovators geven? Dat komt allemaal aan bod.
      De projecten zijn ondersteund door de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO.nl) in opdracht van het ministerie van Economische Zaken en uitgevoerd met subsidie vanuit de beleidsprogramma’s Energie Onderzoek Subsidie (EOS), Innovatieagenda Energie (IAE) en Topsector Energie (TSE). Door Peter Paul van Kempen in opdracht van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
  • Schuberg Philis: Where 100% uptime becomes science, art and religion
    • Since 2003 many organizations have outsourced their mission critical application infrastructures to Schuberg Philis, an outsourcing service provider based in the Netherlands and operating with a global reach.
      The company offers their customers 100% functional uptime for their business critical and vital infrastructures. Schuberg Philis takes end-to-end responsibility to ensure the availability of these systems. Case study by Racktivity

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  • WRK-koude datacenters Schiphol-Rijk met Waternet
  • During the project an Advisory board member of the RenewIT
    • European Commission research project focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Data Centers. It is one of six related energy efficient data centre research projects funded by the EU under its Framework Programme 7 (FP7) initiativehttp://www.renewit-project.eu/The main objective of the RenewIT project is to develop a simulation tool to evaluate the energy performance of different technical solution integrating RES in several European climate regions. The public RenewIT tool will be implemented in a user-friendly web interface helping actors from both the energy and IT sectors to reduce the carbon footprint of planned Data Centres in the horizon of 2030. The tool is based on selected meta-models extracted from advanced dynamic simulation models of challenging energy concepts for renewable energy supply of Data Centres.