Combining innovation and availability in our data center


IT systems in data centers are consuming much energy, but when you work in the data center industry you get a lot of energy back!

How ? It is just fun keep optimizing older technology and implementing new clean technology but providing 100% availability because that’s why data centers are design, build and operated for. It truly is like fixing a running train.

Several years ago, we started optimizing our cooling installation and we have achieved a combined savings of 86% energy using cooling towers & Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage. If you like to know more, read this article for more information

86 % energy saving of the cooling installation

Earlier this year we published the results from our new water treatment installation from UET Recycling Industrial Water. (more than 90% discharge water saving & chemical free), see this article for more information

We put electricity on the water 🙂

The UET Water treatment installation
More than 90% saving of the cooling tower discharge water

People are not only very interested in our water treatment installation but also in the efficient and reliable cooling installation. Which is great because I love to talk about this. However when looking for the results, we should not only talk about technology since it’s not only the technology what is achieving these results. It’s the team which is achieving these results!

I look forward seeing and hearing of other projects with these high results, because I want to learn from other projects

Next to that we have Immersed Computing from Asperitas operational in our data center. It is a closed system and the first water-cooled oil-immersion system which relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid. This results in a fully self-contained and plug and play modular system, which can currently handle 22kW of IT load! We are a showcase location for this clean technology. If this technology is new for you, you should have a look at this article

We keep optimizing with a continuous availability

We combine innovation and availability in our atom86 data center where we provide co location services.

Are we just another data center company ? The answer to that is very simple. No. We are an company doing great things… which is “by chance” operating it’s own data center on another way others do and that’s what I like!

When you need a data center for power, cooling, connectivity, security for your cloud or high performance computing and you want to do it sustainable, you definitely should visit our data center.

Feel welcome and we show you our very efficient data center and clean tech solutions. Just send an email to

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