The reason for having Immersed Computing in our atom86 data center

several months ago Lance Rütimann visited our company on behalf of The Green Grid because of the involvement in The Green Grid and the technologies we use in our data center. After his visit Lance was going to picked up by Rolf Brink from Asperitas and something didn’t work out correctly or maybe it did. During the lunch I had with Lance,  Rolf was already ( he was to early … 🙂 ) there so I invited him to join us. The lunch was almost forgotten, we had several good talks about IT and data centers and he invited me to have a look at their Immersed Computing module.

Maikel Bouricius welcomed me at Asperitas and I was very surprised by their module, it was just great and I thought: I really would like to be the first one with such a module in our data center but realized it was probably not going to be.

The Asperitas AIC24 is a closed system and the first water-cooled oil-immersion system which relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid. This results in a fully self-contained and Plug and Play modular system.

One of the things I discussed with them was the connection with the cooling installation. They tested their module at two places more and the module there was connected to a standalone cooling installation. I asked them about their experience in existing data centers and cooling installations. They didn’t had this experience but they really would like to have this opportunity.

A couple of weeks passed and shortly for the Dutch Data Center Open Day 2017 we said to each other: let’s get the module in the data center and connect it to our cooling installation before the open day so everybody could see it and that is what we did.

The Asperitas module AIC24 is working perfectly and cooled by our Cooling Towers and Aquifer Thermal Energy Systems ( ATES ) in our datacenter with our Mission Critical Cloud.

The module is also working perfectly at Vienna Scientific Cluster operating for a HPC environment.

Are we going to fill our data center with Immersed Computing modules ? Probably not…. One of the reasons for Schuberg Philis is that we can’t easily migrate our Mission Critical Cloud IT equipment to the Immersed Computing module. Not for now, maybe on a later moment when we are going to design a new Cloud design. It all starts with a demonstration and enthusiasm which we now have 😉

The last years the data centers became a lot more efficient, especially in the Netherlands. In our data center we saved 86% electrical energy for the cooling installation years ago and recently we saved more than 90% discharge water of the cooling towers.

It’s not up to the data center industry anymore to become efficient. Off course there is something to improve but not that much anymore.

It’s up to the IT now to become more energy efficient

By using immersion, 10-45% of IT energy is reduced due to the lack of fans. Next to that there is one benefit more, Immersed Computing enables high temperature heat reuse. This module with IT equipment can be cooled with 40°C oil, so the return which is around the 50°C can be used for heating an office area without the use of a heat-pump.

So, this is what is going to happen with Immersed Computing

  • reducing the amount of energy of IT equipment by 10-45%
  • the remaining energy used by the IT equipment will still be converted in heat, but not that much anymore
  • Use that converted heat with a temperature of 50°C to heat for example an office area or even better: get yourself a Tropical swimming pool next to your data center 🙂

Currently we talk about cooling installations in data centers but we are going to talk about using that heat for the heating of for example offices and Immersed Computing will help us with that.

Immersed Computing will be the next step, not only in data centers bu also outside the data centers and this is why we think at atom86 and Schuberg Philis it is good helping Asperitas getting more experience in existing data centers.












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